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Individual Department

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We quote and analyze individual health insurance plans to get you the right plan for your specific needs and budget.

Why Hire Us?

Buying health insurance is confusing

we make it simple

What We Do

save you


save you


get you


How We Do It

A neat stack of paperwork with a blue checkmark
A stack of paperwork

We'll bring quotes to the party

You can get quotes and analyze all of your options....

or you could just let us do it. 

We do the heavy lifting by quoting and analyzing your insurance options and recommending the plans that suit your objectives and risk tolerance.  

Hey! Want
a tax credit?

We partner with the federal health insurance marketplace so that we can help you get tax credits to lower the cost of your health plan.

Blue piggy bank with gold coin

Doctors? Rx?

What good is health insurance if it doesn't cover what you need? We look up your doctors and your pharmaceutical Rx drugs to ensure they are in-network and covered on the insurances plans we recommend. 

Actual Service

We are real people who want to solve your problems. We are here to help you on an ongoing basis. 


The Best Part?

Working with us is free for you

We broker the most competitive insurance companies so we can find you the best plans available. When we refer business to these carriers, they pay us, which makes it free for you. And, using our services does not raise your rates. mic drop.

What Our Clients Say

Sky Stickney

“J.L. Jones & Associates is great. They got me a great health insurance plan and helped me get tax credits to make it cheaper. Their services were free, so in my opinion using them is pretty much a no-brainer.".

Brittany Manwill

“I have used J.L.Jones & Associates for the past five years and they still exceed my expectations."

Future You (?)

“I wish I had found this team years ago. WOW!"

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