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Benefits Only
We specialize in Employee Benefits. We do not broker property, casualty, liability or workers compensation insurance. We believe that the most expensive insurance program you have demands a company that focuses strictly on your benefit plans.

Unrivaled Industry Experience 

We have worked with employers from 2 to 80,000 employees from Oregon to Iraq. As a collective team, we have worked for Insurance Companies in marketing and underwriting, owned & operated Third Party Administrators for companies that self insure, as well as provide COBRA administrative services. We have been through cost containment, the HMO revolution, the self insurance trends, wellness, HRA’s, HSA’s and now health care reform. We have substantial expertise customizing benefit plans across all industry sectors. Our experience with large employer programs assures the highest level of consulting for medium and small employers alike.

Custom Design & Detailed Audit

Plan design should be developed based on your company’s philosophies and objectives. This is also installed by your business market segment and the state of the economy. With these factors in mind, we will design your benefit program to meet your specific short and long-term goals. 


The benefit program should be cost effective, meet objectives and positioned for future trends. Plans also need to comply with local, state and federal laws and regulations. We will audit your program to determine if it is meeting your requirements and recommend any adjustments to ensure that your benefit program performs as you expect

  • We specialize in custom program design with employers with 100 to 5,000 employees

  • Self-Insured & Fully-Insured

  • Large Claims Management

Our Team

  • Our average employee has 22 years of industry experience.

  • Technical Expertise: In-house underwriter, TPA owner, carrier reps.

  • "Clients First": We are very responsive.