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Employee Benefits

For Mid to Large-Sized Companies

We think one of your largest employee expenses deserves our full attention. That's why we focus on employee benefits-- only.

Whether you employ 50 people or 99 people, we've got your back. Our team specializes in creating a program design to meet your objectives (and your budget).

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We Analyze Your History

We'll start by getting to know your company. What are your goals? What have you already implemented? What do you hope to implement?

Then we'll analyze your current benefits and become familiar with your current offerings, including:

  • Analyzing past claims and group experience

  • In-house actuarial services

Find Your Pain-Points. Offer Solutions.

Now that we know more about you, we can identify your pain points. Better yet, we can offer solutions for those pain points.

Each company is different and not all solutions work for each problem. We've resolved our client's pain points with the following solutions, and more:

  • HRA administration

  • COBRA administration

  • Wellness offerings

  • Retiree/individual support

  • Level funding

Arm with resolved pain points
Arm with multiple pain points

Custom Plan Design and Implementation

Employee benefits can be one of the most costly employee expenses. With your objectives in mind, we'll help craft an employee benefits plan that will please you and your employees.

We'll guide you through every step of the process, including:

  • Choosing a plan

  • Verifying contracts for accuracy

  • Negotiating rates

  • Open enrollment support and materials

  • Alternative plan and carrier options

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Year-Around Support

One of the best things about us-- besides our jokes and our expert advice-- is you get us as your team. Your company will have a dedicated team to reach out to with questions or concerns year-around. Call, email, or schedule an in-person meeting and, like the Jackson 5, we'll be there.

Throughout the year, we'll be in communication with your team about:

  • Monthly claims reporting

  • New and ongoing compliance

    • Annual notices

    • 5500 filings

    • PCORI

  • Exclusive client resources

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We Put YOU At The Center of Everything We Do

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A circle graph with YOU at the center

01 | HR Support

  • Dedicated account manager


Let's Work Together

We'd love to meet to see if we can provide valuable services to your company. Give us a call for a free consultation or let's get together for coffee to discuss your business needs.

Exclusive Client Resources

In addition to our hands-on team, we offer two exclusive client resources  that can help support your HR team. These resources are available to our clients free of charge-- it'll be like hiring that HR generalist your boss wouldn't let you hire.

Legal documents icon

Forms, Templates, and Flyers

Search thousands of documents for employee education pieces, templates for customization, and waivers.

Wallet of money icon

Salary Comparison Tool

Compare salaries by location, experience, and more.

Alert icon

Regulations & Compliance

Federal and state law alerts and explanations.

Open book icon

LIVE Handbook Creation Tool

Updates with changing compliance requirements.

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