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Employee Benefits

We think one of your largest employee expenses deserves our full attention. That's why we focus on employee benefits-- only.

Whether you employ 2 people or 5,000 people, we've got your back. Our team specializes in creating a program design to meet your objectives (and your budget).

Our services vary by client size and need. While this list is not exhaustive, not all services may be right for you!

HR Support

We know your HR team is busy. We'll take your HR to-do's and make them done.

We offer:

  • Dedicated account manager and backup

  • Access to 180+ HR specialists

  • Billing & enrollment support

  • Onboarding & hiring assistance

  • HRA & payroll support

  • FREE COBRA admin services

  • HRA admin services

  • HR insights

  • Program implementation


Cost Control & Underwriting

We negotiate the best rates each renewal with your actual and projected claims data using our underwriting techniques. What's more, we help you forecast projected costs to prepare for the future.

We offer:

  • Monthly claims reporting

  • In-house actuarial services

  • Fully & self-insured program expertise

  • Large claim management

  • Aggressive negotiation strategies

  • Bid / review market


Compliance & Trends

We'll help you meet federal and state requirements so that compliance is the last thing you'll have to worry about.

We offer:

  • Annual notices

  • 5500 filings

  • 1094c - 1095c filing support

  • Document review & audit

  • Smart employee handbooks that update with changing compliance and regulations

  • WRAP & 125 document creation

  • Legislative updates throughout the year with specific recommendations for your company


Employee Benefits & Engagement

Support to keep your employees engaged in the benefits they receive. Expert consultation to create the best benefit plan for you company.

We offer:

  • 1000's of benefit education posters

  • Wellness program education

  • Benefit perception review

  • Employee meetings in person, virtual, or recorded

  • Individual and retiree support for alternative plans


Explore Our Solutions

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50 - 99


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100 - 5000


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2 - 49



Let's Work Together

We'd love to meet to see if we can provide valuable services to your company. Give us a call for a free consultation or let's get together for coffee to discuss your business needs.

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