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A Health Care Consulting Firm That Cares About Your



Our client-centered approach puts

YOU at the center of everything we do

From compliance to communication, we understand the challenges today’s employers face with healthcare employee benefits, and we know you’re asked to take on more than ever before. With the rising costs of healthcare, let us help you create the right benefit plan for your employees and budget.

Let us exceed your expectations of an employee benefits broker with our full spectrum of solutions. 

Revolving pie chart with YOU at the center
Revolving pie chart with YOU at the center

01 | Employee Benefits & Engagement

  • 1000s of benefit education posters

Benefit Info
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eugene_skyline_by_upshotz4-2.jpg.1920x807_0_278_10000 (1).jpg

About Us

Located in Eugene, Oregon but serving companies throughout the pacific northwest, J.L. Jones & Associates helps individuals and companies ranging from 2 to 5000+ employees with their healthcare benefits needs. 

Our philosophy is to put clients first. 

We can do this uninhibited because we are privately owned and operated. We don’t work for insurance carriers, we work for you. We provide expert guidance on the best benefits for your population, what plan meets your budget and goals, and much more.

We can support you better because employee benefits are all we do.


No matter the size

We've got you covered

We broker healthcare benefits only. It's what we do. If you need insurance for yourself, your small business, or your large corporation, we've got you covered.

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2 - 49


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50 - 99


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100 - 5000


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J.L. Jones & Associates is an integral part of our team in providing a benefit package for our employees. Jeff brings experience, expertise and knowledge when we are making benefit decisions and he and his staff provide accurate ongoing Information as to our plan compliance and costs.

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J.L. Jones & Associates are incredible partners. They have saved us an immeasurable amount of money and prevented many headaches.

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J.L. Jones & Associates has been a tremendous asset in designing and implementing the best and most cost effective plans for our employees. JLJAA’s attention to detail and innovative approach to finding the most cost saving solutions while maintaining a high level of benefits for employees has made them an essential part of our benefit team.

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